"Congratulations! You've produced another winner" -Allan Gardyne

"You have made making money easier than ever" -Dave Markel

"From the bottom of my heart this has to be one of the best packages for your buck I have come across." -John Gibb

Attention: Savvy Info Marketers And Power Affiliates:
This Private Label offer is expected to sell out! (No hype - see why below*)

*Here's 15 Darn Good Reasons Why You'll
LOVE These Unique Little Income "Babies"
(Because They're Really Efficient Profit Beasts!)

Darn Good Reason #1: Keep 100% Profits On Each New Ebook: You own the PLR rights of every new niche ebook package that comes out each week, so you keep 100% of your sales profits!
Darn Good Reason #2: Exchange Only 2 Pennies For Every $1 In Real Value To You: You save a crazy 98% on the highly professional product development costs of 4 ebook packages each month. This is literally like using pennies to pay in dollars! In other words - you are getting brand new niche packages worth well over $1100 each, for an unbelievable 2% of the cost! This doesn't even include how much time you save...
Darn Good Reason #3: Dodge The Boring Grunt Work: Save literally days, if not weeks of your time for each niche ebook! We do all the intense research, development, and production grunt work for you.

The Rest Of The 15 Darn Good Reasons...
#4: Quality Strictly Controlled: We are experienced product developers with our reputations on the line. Your success is our success, and to protect this we use a 5 point control list to make sure every element of each ebook package meets our high "sales worthy" standards.
#5: Never Run Out Of Hot New Niches: Receive 4 targeted niche PLR ebook business packages each month!
#6: 100% Original Content: We even use special programs to sweep the net to make sure our writers don't plagiarize any of the ebook package content (and no public domain ebooks!)
#7: Flexible To Your PROFIT Needs: Set each price as you want (or no price at all), give these books away as bonuses, gifts, or opt-in magnets (see our Terms of Agreement limitations made to protect all members)... insert your own embedded targeted affiliate links, publish the material as Adsense content, etc... the profit potential list goes on and on!
#8: Professional Graphics Included: Ebook cover graphics, 3D book graphics, web page header graphics, and more!
#9: Easily Modify The Content And Graphics To Be 100% Unique: All the content is also offered in Word format so you can easily make everything unique. All the graphics are also offered in Photoshop document layered formats so you can easily change them.
#10: Extensive Keyword List: Get special access to a targeted keyword list prepared by a SEO expert for each niche (min. 1000)
#11: Hot Affiliate Program List: We've hunted down and listed all the best affiliate programs we could find for each niche produced.
#12: Get a 5-Day Mini Course For Autoresponder Use: Instantly start gathering opt-ins, or use this valuable content as you best see fit.
#13: Professional Sales Letter Included For Each Ebook (In Word doc for easy modification) - These are NOT made with those automatic sales letter, cookie-cutter programs that many PLR sites use!
#14: Tightly Limited Competition: We are strictly limiting membership to 300 people - then the doors close! (That's less than HALF the competition of almost all other PLR offers)
#15: Receive Special Access To PDF Guides, Videos And A Private Forum To Help You Use Your Membership Profitably: We want to do everything in our power to see you succeed (details further below)

Plus so much more value and flexibility to help you profit, it's nuts. (See the complete package in detail below)

Fair Warning and Sell-Out Alert!*
Only 300 TOTAL Memberships Available
No Exceptions - Doors Will Close!

*Note from Adam Maywald: "On February 2, 2006, my first PLR project, "Adsense Niches" launched with enough obvious value that it completely sold out in less than 20 hours after launch. And not only, it created a waiting list of over 400 eager participants within the day!

Now, we did it again with "Ebook Niches", except this time we kind of went overboard and pumped in FOUR times more honest value!

And guess what - we didn't raise the price a penny (despite some moans from "good-intentioned fans" looking over our shoulders while we've been developing this project)

Let's just say we want to "blow the doors off" with this one!

For this reason, we expect "Ebook Niches" to sell out even faster then "Adsense Niches" did. And if I may be so bold, the immediate value to you is so obvious and powerful, the only way you won't turn this investment into a fat profit for yourself is if you simply don't try (please see below for yourself)..." 

No Longer Accepting New Members! Sorry!
(A new page will open with either a waiting list, or it will confirm there is still space)

"Congratulations! You've produced another winner..."

"...A superb resource for anyone who wants to sell their own ebooks but can't get over the first hurdle - actually creating those products.

I like the way you're not just supplying four products a month, but also providing lots of additional help... the autoresponder courses, the lists of affiliate programs whose links can be woven into the ebooks, the private forum, etc. The video on how to create PDF files using free software is an excellent idea, too. You seem to have thought of everything."

Allan Gardyne

Publisher's Note: Allan Gardyne is considered one of the Internet's most respected  pioneers and veterans to affiliate marketing and one who has constantly revealed the mechanics of making money online in his free newsletter and "friendly forum" over the last 10 years. We are very honored to have his "seal of approval" to the quality of the value here. We know he does not give such testimonials lightly. We 100% intend to live up to this fine man's good expectations.


From: Adam Maywald and Robert Blackstone
Huntington Beach, CA and Columbus, OH
Wednesday, 7:03am

i, have you been itching to make money online with your own niche ebooks, but maybe you don't have the time to research and develop each product?

Maybe you've signed up to certain other PLR (private label resale) sites and found the content provided to you to be a load of trash, so you didn't do anything with them?

If this sounds even remotely like some hopes or thoughts in your head, or you have already walked this path, then this page will be a blessing for you.

In fact, if you have an idea of how talented a marketer you are, you must see your Profit Predictor Chart further below in this letter. (Be honest about your skills - no exaggerating - you will still see how much money you can make)

What's Private Label Resale?

With this PLR, you have permission to rename, rebrand, and rewrite all of the content included in your Ebook packages. In fact, we encourage you to do so to differentiate yourself from the other members.

You can sell these products, give them away (with limitations), and use the content in them to add to your own sites (with limitations). However, you can't give/sell someone else permission to sell or give away these products. That would defeat the purpose of a membership cap and hurt all the members involved.

See details in our Terms Of Use at the bottom

You will have to act fast here because expert info marketers LOVE TO FIND this kind of specific opportunity to own high quality PLR (private
label resale) niche ebooks. Why?

Big Hint: Because we do all the boring, time consuming, and costly grunt work of quality
niche product development for you.

Basically, you avoid all the hours of keyword research, analysis, and product development hassles.

Also, as mentioned in other areas, we deliver quality.

Both Adam and I have been members to other PLR sites. We have seen the crap that's being pushed off for quality content. As I read the ebooks that I was supposed to sell to others, I couldn't help but asking myself: "Are we supposed to feel good about selling ebooks
written in english by obvious non-english native speakers?"

We hire only quality, native english speaking writers who have already proven to us again and again that they produce high quality... not the first lowest bidder. 

We then offer these niche ebook packages to our limited members for a teeny-tiny miniscule fraction of what it would cost you to produce it on your own.

Would you believe you save a whopping 97.8% (well over $1075!) from the expenses of getting just one ebook package worthy of sale professionally developed yourself?

I know it's hard to believe, but it's true - I'll show you details of why we can give you such monster savings below.

Then our members can quickly and easily tweak these niche ebooks so they are UNIQUE, and sell them for an immediate 100% profit!

Tiny Expense - Tiny Effort - Instant Profit

It's important you understand why the value is so high here, why the risk is so low, and why the profits so easy for anyone who makes a minimum business effort with these niche ebook packages. I will show you with simple math, then it will be easy for you to decide if this is an exciting investment for you or not.

But first a quick warning...

Please don't snooze on this decision... when you reach the end of the page,  weigh-in all the pros and cons for your own business, then either decide 'YES' or 'NO'.

I don't mean to sound like an anal cross-examination lawyer, but 'MAYBE' is not allowed today. The point being, be decisive or you will miss out, because this offer is not expected to stay open until tomorrow. A "MAYBE" with this offer will default to 'NO' whether you like it or not.

That said...

Here's Your Golden Chance To Profit
With PLR Niche Ebook Packages

I can't think of a better way for anyone to get rolling in this lucrative game of info marketing, with such little risk than with PLR ebooks of high quality. The costs and risks are so much lower!

Let's cut to the chase so you can see exactly what I mean in detail.

Each and every month, you'll get 4 niche ebook product packages - not just ebooks, with your exclusive Ebook Niches Membership.

Each Month You Get The Following:

4 Hot Target Niche Ebooks ($2600 Value)

Every week we hunt down hot new target niches and then create a 100% original content, 60 - 75 page, professionally written ebook (no public domain ebooks). Every niche ebook we create is of very high quality, and is valued at $650 each ($2600 for all 4 ebooks each month).

You will receive each ebook in both PDF and in Word Doc formats for easy modification


Samples: Here are three niche theme ebooks that were inside the members area for the first month:

"The spyware book was excellent - it was well researched and flowed easily"

I also wanted to say that as someone who has been in the IT field for 10 years and whose specialty is security/firewalls, I thought the spyware book was excellent - it was well researched and flowed easily.

Current Ebook Niches Member

Complete Graphics Packages ($400 Value)

3D Ebook cover and binding graphics have been created for you in various sizes, styles, and formats, as have special web page header graphics. These have been saved in .gif images for immediate use, and .psd (photoshop) images for your easy modification.

Each ebook comes with $100 worth of graphics already prepared for you. ($400 for all 4 packages, each month).

 Niche Keyword Lists ($100 Value)

Within each targeted niche ebook package, we will provide for you a comprehensive keyword list. The minimum amount of related theme keywords we will try to find for you is 1000. The quantity we find will depend on the niche that is being targeted (some will have a list of several thousand keywords). Each niche keyword list is worth $25 minimum ($100 for all 4 lists, each month).

This list can save you an enormous amount of time for uses such as intensive PPC advertising, new article writing, SEO, and more...

 Professionally Written Sales Letter ($1000 Value)

Every niche ebook comes with a professionally written sales letter of 1000 - 1500 words in a very simple Word Doc form for your easy modification; this way you can customize it to make it unique. In fact, we encourage you to customize them to make them even better sellers.

This sales letter is valued at $250 each ($1000 for all 4 letters, each month)

 5-Day Email Automatic Mini-Course ($400 Value)

This is a professionally written, 5-day mini course in Word Doc that can be quickly uploaded into any auto-responder if you decide to gather opt-in subscribers.

Each 5-day mini course, can also be used as website content - bonuses - or however you best see fit. They are valued at $100 each ($400 for all 4 courses, each month)

 Exclusive Member's Forum & SEO GURU at your Fingertips: ($100 an hour value!)

Where did I come up with $100 an hour? That's how much Adam Maywald charges for his professional SEO (search engine optimization) services. I won't  tell you what companies he has worked for, or sites he's optimized in the past unless you're a member. He's worked with several VERY large companies that you would be familiar with. This is an exclusive bonus for our members.

Just In - Mystery Bonuses! ($500 min. each month)

Why do we call them mysteries? Because we honestly don't know all the new profit ideas that will come to us (who does?) that we will want to incorporate here to help you profit more.

Here are a couple bonuses we've thought of already that weren't in our original plans...

Mystery Bonus #1 Revealed: Extensive Affiliate Program List: The first bonus has already come to life with each niche package - we've hunted down the best theme related affiliate programs, and made our findings into a handy list for you!

Hot Tip! (If you don't want to sell anything yourself) You could use the ebooks as special free giveaways, then as affiliate marketers, embed your own affiliate links into each niche ebook or other content you receive.

Mystery Bonus #2 Revealed: 80 Total PLR Articles Each Month: The second bonus will begin in July or August and will include 20 PLR articles for each niche ebook package (80 total each month) to help you build content sites around your ebooks. This adds on an additional $500 value each month. Just our way of saying thanks for joining!

More Mystery Bonuses To Be Announced To Members Inside (In fact, one we are working on right now has to do with the sales letters - you are going to love this!)

"You have made making money easier than ever"

"Dear Robert & Adam,

You have made making money easier than ever.

Everything is provided for me. All I need to do is customize everything and make them my own. I could not imagine creating everything you provide on my own.

Keep up the good work guys."

Dave Markel

"I like the addition of the autoresponder series -nice touch!"

"Robert & Adam,

Over all I think the quality of the eBook package looks great, and what you've provided goes beyond the "normal" offerings. EBook, graphics, sales letter and keywords are a plus. However, I like the addition of the autoresponder series - nice touch!

Including graphics, which can be customized is also a very nice extra. Many times I want to make some changes to graphics and often it's a hassle.

Overall -- Great Job!

All the Best,"

Gary Antosh

Call It Hand-Holding Or Butt-Kicking,
We Just Want To Make Sure You Profit...

Here's some helpful PDF and Video Guides you'll find inside the membership area:

What's Included In Each Ebook Package (+Video)
A basic outline of the offerings In each ebook package

Different Ways to Use the Ebook Packages to Make Money
We unearth different ways the ebook packages can be used to make money. Includes items such as selling them just as ebooks, breaking up the content into separate articles to post to their sites, creating audio reports with the content, using the content to build an email list, post the content to blogs, etc.

How to Make the Ebook Packages Completely Unique (+Video)
We reveal different techniques on how to make all of the text content (ebook, sales letter, articles, email course, etc.) unique. Discover how to hire authors, how you must use a "special" feature of Microsoft Word to modify content fast, discover a "Secret Article Converter" site, and more!

Tips for Using Open Office to Customize Your Ebooks (+Video)
Discover how to use Open Office to add those HOT affiliate links to the ebooks for backend sales and generate PDF files from DOC files

How to Change the Graphics & Generate 3D Images (+Video)
We reveal how to use Macromedia Fireworks and Adobe Photoshop to customize the ebook package images. Also discover different ways to generate 3D images

Different Methods to Sell the Ebooks
A candid look at inhouse software and 3rd party services (Clickbank,
PayDotCom) that might be best to process orders for your ebooks

Techniques to Generate Traffic
We reveal effective PPC and SEO techniques to generate traffic to sites


How to Use .htaccess Files to Manage Your Affiliate Links
This seldom used tip will show you how to manage the affiliate links in your ebooks so you never lose a commission again!


Why So Limited?

This is to protect our members and to make sure they profit handsomely. Because a profitable member means a renewing member! (We didn't just fall of the turnip wagon - it has to be win-win for all if we hope to succeed too).

If we made Ebook Niches available to everyone - it would certainly lose it's value. Most PLR sites are AT LEAST 700 members - some prominent PLR membership sites go as high as 2000 (or even more!)

We are at least 100%, often 200% - 300%, even 1000% more exclusive than other similar sites with a 300 total membership cap.

On the other hand, if we allowed too few to join, then the prices to join and renew would have to be much higher than what we are asking now. This would mean more initial expense, thus risk to you for each ebook package.

It's a balancing act - but we are confident that this is the ideal range where everyone wins best.

I've seen very similar ebook packages to what we offer being sold at seminars for over $4000 for just one niche ebook and sales letter! Of course this comes with exclusive rights for just that one person - but you can see the risk involved!

This is NOT THE CASE here - you have NO risk when you join!

Imagine - by the time you pay $4000 with us, 3 years and 4 months will have passed, you would have 160 hot niche, high quality ebook packages to your name (160 ebooks! Not one!), and very probably, thousands of dollars in profits already earned!!!

(In fact, just two sales of each ebook, for only $20, in that total 3 year plus time would mean $6400 earnings).

Do you think you can make 2 total sales average for each ebook produced in over 3 years? If you can - you will make at least a small profit here.

In other words, if you can make at least 1 or 2 sales a year with each ebook, you will start to make money.

Does that sound hard to do?

That's how great this value is!

"To be honest, I've never seen anything like this and I've tried many similar packages over the last few years"

"Dear Robert & Adam,

"Well guys, all I can say WOW.

From the bottom of my heart this has to be one of the best packages for your buck I have come across. When I was looking through the packages to use, I was trying to work out what work I would actually have to do. To be honest, I've never seen anything like this and I've tried many similar packages over the last few years.

The way you include emails for follow ups, which pre-sells each product is worth more than the price you are charging each month in my opinion. This is going to make selling the packages that much easier.

What surprised me even more though, was the actual quality of the packages. With many other services out there, you get your products to sell. However, in all honesty, they don't even come close to the detailed information you are providing in your packages.

I would be willing to buy these books for my self on the topics, that's how good I feel they are. I just hope once the spots are filled, you make this deal low key.

Anyone with this material can make a killing in the industries you are providing for.

I was so impressed with the way this was set out, the instructions for setting this up fast, and the other suggestions you provide, all in one no Bs easy to read file. You can be set up in minutes with this, or you could take a unique approach and still be setup on a very short time period.

I've bought some similar deals from the big players in Internet marketing, and what's exciting is the fact this package you guys are offering makes those big players look like amateurs!

Ill be in touch again soon to tell you how well I am doing. And that's 110 percent confidence.

All the best

John Gibb

"Who Should Make Good Money With This?"
- And -
"How Much Does It Cost?"

As you saw above the testimonial - it doesn't take a real super seller to profit here!

Our Monthly Membership Fee Is $97. To see how that can work for your business, here's your Profit Predictor Chart...

If you can sell each niche ebook that comes out, just once each month for an average $20 each, here's how you will profit in 1 year:

Your Profit Predictor Chart
When every ebook you receive sells just once a month,
(remember 4 new ebooks are released each month)

Month Membership Monthly Expense Number Ebook Sales Monthly Income At $20 Per Sale Monthly PROFIT
1 -$97 4 $80 - $17
2 -$97 8 $160 $63
3 -$97 12 $240 $143
4 -$97 16 $320 $223
5 -$97 20 $400 $303
6 -$97 24 $480 $383
7 -$97 28 $560 $463
8 -$97 32 $640 $543
9 -$97 36 $720 $623
10 -$97 40 $800 $703
11 -$97 44 $880 $783
12 -$97 48 $960 $863

Above Scenario TOTAL Profit For 1 Year Is: $5076

$5000 A Year Is Not "Dripping Gold", But It's DEAD EASY

Now, do you want to see a fluke of the mind, and see how your "fast math intuition" can really trick you?

This is far out! Check it out...

Question: Look at the above Profit Predictor Chart (make sure you understand it). Now if you double the average number of sales from one a month for each ebook you receive - to just two a month, how much do you profit in a year?

(Did you think $5076 x 2= $10,152) - Seems like the obvious answer -  but if you did think that, oops! The real answer is $11,316. I thought that was weird at first glance (the calculations are a little sneaky).

Anyway, $11,316 profit is not bad for just 2 sales a month average for each niche ebook you receive.

The real question is: Is that within your marketing talent range?

If it is within your range- it makes Ebook Niches a very solid 10 to 1 ROI (Return On Investment) for you.

This is just to show you roughly how easy it would be for any info marketer who is worth his or her salt to make money, perhaps A LOT of money. One sale as an average each month for each ebook is a 5 to 1 ROI laugh for any serious marketer.

If just one of those niche ebooks sells at the rate of even only one each day - then add on roughly $600 each month to your profits (about $7200 a year).

See the massive potential when you are getting this opportunity for only $97 a month? (You only invest about $25 for each Niche Ebook Package, when they are really worth over $1100 each!)

The key here is - can you generate traffic, or do you already have sources of traffic that you can utilize? Because if you do - then this opportunity is a brain-dead simple chance for you to make very good money!

The value is simply too good to let this opportunity pass you by.

Even A Total beginner?

If you are a total beginner to online marketing, and have no clue on how to generate traffic, it might be more challenging. Nobody is going to stop you from signing up. Just realize that no matter how good the offer lines up towards potential profit - these ebooks will not miraculously sell without traffic.

That said...

The Best Qualified Of All Are The "Action Takers"!

"What Kind Of Guarantee Do You Have?"

Anytime within the first 14 days you're a member, you can contact us using the support form to request a refund, no questions asked. This way you'll be able to experience at least two ebook packages to determine if they're right for you and your business.

Refund Testimonial

From Adam's Adsense Niches PRL membership site (sold out):

Hi Adam

Thank you very much. I appreciate the fast response.

Guy E.

After that initial 14 period you can cancel your membership at anytime, however no refunds will
be issued beyond the initial 14 days.

This next part is very important. If at anytime you choose to end your Ebook Niches Membership, you will NOT be allowed to re-join at a later date. Once you give up your spot - it's gone. We only want members who are serious about developing their businesses and are willing to make a long term commitment to Ebook Niches. This is also to prevent people from simply joining for less than 14 days, requesting a refund, and then doing it all over again repeatedly.

Unlike other membership sites, you WILL be able to continue using the ebook packages you purchased if you choose to cancel your membership.

Reminder Of What You Get Each Month

4 Hot Target Niche Ebooks ($2600 Value)
4 Complete Graphics Packages ($400 Value)
4 Niche Keyword Lists ($100 Value)
4 Professionally Written Sales Letters ($1000 Value)
(4) 5-Day Email Mini-Courses ($400 Value)
Exclusive Member's Forum & SEO GURU at your Fingertips: ($100 x hour value!)
Just In - Mystery Bonuses!

- Hot Affiliate Lists For Each Niche
- 80 New PLR Articles Each Month
- Plus much more!

($500 monthly min.)


Minimum $5000
Each Month

Your Expense?


Last Warning...

Now can you see why this opportunity is expected to sell out? The value is obvious, and enormous. It sounds ridiculous to get $5000 worth of value for only $97 - it's the truth.

For just one niche, you would pay over $1200 to get a similar ebook package made yourself at the same level of quality (not including your time). Here you get each individual above package for exactly $24.25.

Just the keyword research is worth this and the bonus articles are worth 4 times this amount!

You have absolutely nothing to lose - bite the bullet.

No Longer Accepting New Members! Sorry!


P.S. This exclusive site is strictly limited to 300 members. If this opportunity looks good for your business, then don't delay.

We apologize now, ahead of time if you are already too late. If this is the case, leave your name and email on our waiting list (you will see a waiting list during the order process). Once we reach our maximum membership number, we cannot guarantee if and when a place will open. But as soon as your name comes up with an open space, we will contact you to give you priority.

P.P.S. Remember, you are protected by our money back guarantee for the first 14 days. Examine 2 complete Niche Ebook Packages. If you don't like what you see for any reason, just ask for a refund, and we will reimburse you immediately.

P.P.P.S. Beyond the guaranteed refund period of 14 days, you may cancel your membership at any time and the next month's fee will not be charged to you. Once canceled, you are free to keep all the niche ebook packages up to that paid time, but you will not be allowed to join back in again.


Who Are Adam Maywald And Robert Blackstone?

As written by Allan Gardyne (www.associateprograms.com)
in his most recent April newsletter:

"Combined, Adam and Robert have some very useful skills.

Adam is a search engine optimizer, affiliate and owner of the AdSenseNiches.com private site. When AdSenseNiches was launched in February, it sold out in less than a day. It has 400 people on its waiting list trying to get in.

Robert writes niche info-products and owns a string of affiliate sites. I know first-hand how good he is because at least one of his niche sites is competing very effectively with one of mine. That's OK. There's room for all of us.

Adam and Robert are wonderful, genuinely helpful guys. You've probably seen them on our affiliate forum, where they're frequent contributors. Between them, they've made more than 2,400 posts.

(Adam is "Voasi". Robert is "robertb".)

You can tell by the quality of their posts that they know what they're talking about and they like helping people. That's quite a combination.

So when they send you four ebooks each month, they won't just leave it at that. You'll receive an enormous amount of additional help."

No Longer Accepting New Members! Sorry!


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