Terms of Use

Ok, so you've found the legal stuff. The purpose of these terms of use is not to restrict anyone, but make using these packages as fair as possible for everyone.

First, you can not sell or give away an entire package as-is or transfer rights of it to anyone. Basically you can't provide anyone else with your membership packages nor use them for a service that could be deemed competitive with Ebook Niches. In addition, it is strictly prohibited to distribute the DOC file of the ebook in any form.

You have permission to rename, rebrand, and rewrite all of the content included in your Ebook packages. In fact, we encourage you to do so to differentiate yourself from the other members.

You have Private Label rights to these products, but you don't have Master Resell rights to it. In other words, you can sell these products, give them away (with limitations), and use the content in them to add to your own sites (with limitations). However, you can't give/sell someone else permission to sell or give away these products. Once again, that would defeat the purpose of a membership cap and hurt all the members involved.

The limitations for giving away the material in the packages for free are as follows:

- If you choose to give away the PDF ebook and not charge for it, you must make substantial changes to it (ie. at least 50%). This could be as simple as swapping out 50% of the words for synonyms or paying someone else to re-write it. You must also change the title as well if you intend to give the ebook away for free. However, you can distribute only up to one-third of each e-book without making major changes, such as in a free report to get newsletter subscribers, etc.

- If you intend to generate content pages for your websites from the ebook's material, you must make some changes to it (ie. at least 25%).

Our reasoning behind this is two fold. Even though you'll be changing the title of your ebook, it would still be unfair for the people that are selling the ebook if someone else is giving the same one away for free. Also, for duplicate content issues if many people are posting the exact same ebook material as webpages; changing the content gets around this issue.

While you may explore any price level you choose, it would be best for everyone if there wasn't intense price competition with the ebooks. As a result, we recommend a price point between $15 - $30 when selling the ebooks. To protect the pricing level for members, these ebooks can not be sold on eBay or other auction sites that bottom out the prices. Also, if you choose to sell the ebook through a 3rd party service such as Clickbank, you're required to change the ebook's name inorder to avoid naming conflicts with other members within the respective 3rd party services.

In addition, a few pages in each ebook may be designated with a copyright from another source. These pages are only for informational purposes and can't be republished as webpages.

While we're providing these ebooks as a service, you assume all legal responsibility for publishing this material and agree to not hold Ebook Niches, Robert Blackstone, or Adam Maywald responsible for any misuse on your part.

If you are found in violation of these terms, then your membership may be cancelled at the sole discretion of Ebook Niches. In addition, it's your responsibility to monitor if these terms change at any time.


Refund Policy

Anytime within the first 14 days you're a member, you can contact us using the support form to request a refund, no questions asked. This way you'll be able to experience at least two ebook packages to determine if they're right for you and your business.

After that initial 14 period you can cancel your membership at anytime, however no refunds will be issued beyond the initial 14 days.

This next part is very important. If at anytime you choose to end your Ebook Niches Membership, you will NOT be allowed to re-join at a later date. Once you give up your spot - it's gone. We only want members who are serious about developing their businesses and are willing to make a long term commitment to Ebook Niches. This is also to prevent people from simply joining for less than 14 days, requesting a refund, and then doing it all over again repeatedly.

Unlike other membership sites, you WILL be able to continue using the ebook packages you purchased if you choose to cancel your membership.



While we will do our best to help you generate income from your Ebook Niches membership, there are no guarantees for any income level or amount. Any amounts displayed on this site are examples from individual cases or are estimates for income levels.


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